Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia Wave Runner (EG7597)

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The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 "Inertia" is the third colorway released of the popular chunky sneaker by Kanye West and adidas. The decidedly soft color palette features a multiple shades of grey across the premium leather, suede, and mesh upper with light pink accents on the oval-shaped details of the midsole and reflective silver accents throughout. A cream white rubber outsole finishes off the clean look for the Yeezy "dad shoe" silhouette. Another essential drop in the adidas Yeezy sneaker line, the limited edition adidas Yeezy Boost 700 "Inertia" released in spring 2019.
Manufacturer Sku: EG7597
Release Date: 2019
Gender: Mens
Colorway: INERTIA

9 Reviews


November 11, 2018

/ 4

Not worth the money

The size of the trainers is unmatched. Considering the product is a limited edition, I could not replace them. Also, the colors are not bright enough. When I saw these particular yeezy’s, I was like omg I need to have them. Didn’t think much and spent £200 on them. When I received them and opened the box, I was disappointed as the colors didn’t match with the photos. Also, I feel like they are too wide and make my feet bigger than they actually are. Lastly, I don’t think they are worth it the money.


November 11, 2018

/ 5

One of my top favorite pairs of Yeezy sneakers ever

The best way to describe this shoe, it’s Big, Chunky, hideous in color to some but I absolutely love it. Opposed from the original 700 ‘Wave Runner’ this was a nice change of pace for the fall season. The quality of materials have never fallen short with the most recent releases from Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, ie. 500s and 350 V2s. It was also very nice to see more stock in this past release, granted it can be very difficult at times to obtain a pair of these shoes for the retail price. Overall, this is a great purchase and I am happy to have it in my collection.


November 14, 2018

/ 5

Perfectly executed follow up to the OG 700.

Upon brief physical inspection it becomes clear that this earthy rendition of the 700 not only utilizes a strikingly different color pallet than its predecessor, but also boasts slight updates in design and variation in materials. Most notable among these changes are the presence of a strap within the shoe to secure the tongue in place as well as a slight increase in midsole thickness around the heel. These improvements result in a tremendous increase in structural stability and overall comfort. This model's utilization of dark, saturated tones more readily bring the wide variety of materials used to light, while also accentuating their incredibly high quality. The 3M accents utilized throughout the upper seem to be more reflective than those used in the past, resulting in a striking tonal contrast perfectly embodying this silhouette's detailed cohesiveness. Phenomenal shoe. « less


November 11, 2018

/ 4

The perfect daily?

Depending on the next six months, this review could be 5 stars...Listen; ask yourself this, are you planning on rocking the 700 as a daily shoe or are you going to flex these on special occasions? If you answered “daily” then thank you. Thank you for choosing to wear a $300 shoe and believing that quality still means craftsmanship and not hype. I bought these shoes because I believe in something. That something is quality. Adidas quality control is the reason I switched from (another shoe company) several years ago when the pureboost, ultraboost and the like hit the scene. These shoes actually last. Through mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, sitting at the computer, playing video games, getting groceries, etcetera, etcetera...these shoes kick butt and continue to perform; On the daily. « less


November 17, 2018

/ 5

Premium shoe, great (unique) colorway

This is absolutely a premium shoe. It is called 'mauve', but in hand the vast, vast majority of this shoe is variations of gray and chocolate colors. Very premium suede that is "longer" hair suede than what's on the toe-box of the WaveRunner 700's. Many people are calling the 700 Yeezy's best shoe model Adidas has put out. Holding the mauve in hand it is easy to see why. They did a beautiful job with a variety of overlays of textures and materials. Plus, everyone has lots of black and red shoes. This is a unique colorway that pairs great with black jeans, greens, browns, camos, and every shade of gray. Plus, with a full Boost midsole it has the same comfort as an Ultraboost. For sizing, go true to size. I wear a true 9.5 in everything except Ultraboost... like many I have to go up 0.5 due to tight sock like fit of Ultraboosts. So, 10 in Ultraboosts and TTS 9.5 in these. The 700's are already a classic model and this colorway is premium. Actually a shoe that advances the sneaker game. « less


November 12, 2018

/ 5

Typical Yeezy Quality (Excellent)

It’s hard to say if a pair of shoes is really worth 300 dollars. However, my pair of 700s are absolutely fantastic. The build quality is exceptional: the materials are quality, the boost is extremely comfortable and the paint application is flawless. Are they worth 300 dollars? I think that’s up to you to decide, but I definitely feel like Adidas gave you 300 dollars worth of quality.


November 10, 2018

/ 5

Don’t let the hype/price push you away, its a great shoe!

$300 may seem too steep of a price to pay, but you wont regret it. This is my 4th pair of Yeezys (2-500s, 2-700s). The comfort in this shoe is out of this world. Unlike the 500, the 700 have a break-in period, usually a few hours of walking in them. But once broken in, this can easily become an everyday shoe. Its super stylish and can be worn with anything. The mauve cw is perfect for the grimey fall and winter season. Wasn't too crazy about the color till I got them in hand. Pics don't do these shoes justice.

Justin G

July 16, 2015

/ 5

One of my greatest purchases ever

Besides the fact that it was an incredibly hyped shoe, it doesn't lack in any places whatsoever. It appearance is stunning and fashionable in the sneaker world, and as far as comfortability it stays true to its word. I have a pair of adidas Pure Boost 2.0s which, I must say, just a tiny bit more comfortable than the 350 Boost, yet the 350 Boost is more sturdy. The wear on the sole (ex. how easily there can be scuffs, stains) remains durable after multiple wears, although the bottom of the sole is slightly worn. Obviously a good cleaning of the shoe can get rid of these problems; Overall, the shoe is incredibly comfortable and is unfathomably satisfactory as you wear them.


November 8, 2018

/ 4

Amazing shoe

The shoe is slightly sloped making the overall size of the inner sole a bit smaller than the specified size. However, you may get away with it depending on your foot size. However, the quality is amazing, the comfort is almost perfect. Colourway is unique making the shoe even more of a collectors item. I am very happy with the purchase, £250 is a lot to spend on a sneaker but it was probably worth it this time. Thanks adidas.